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A child's enthusiasm, creativity and focus is our drive to develop new products.
Jegro products are subject to change
As we are continuously improving our products, we sometimes change something to a product. This might be due to a request from our customers, renewed insight or a change in production.

Product changes

  • Lokon Discovery, Scenery, Excellent

    Lokon Discovery, Scenery, Excellent (3088200, 3088205, 3088215)
    A different looking cardboard folder. The content is the same. 

  • Clock with removable numbers

    Clock with removable numbers, 310000
    Change of brand: Toys for life --> Jegro
    Different look: blank wooden clock instead of black.

  • Base 10 magnetic

    Base 10 magnetic, 3015600
    This product used to be yellow in the past, 3013600. Now it has been made of blank beech wood, like our other Base 10 materials.

Educo & Jegro, a unique continuous learning model

View our new products, best selling items and the complete product range of Educo and Jegro in one catalogue. As together these two brands make a unique continuous learning model for children ranging in age from 3 to 12 years, we have combined them in this catalogue. Browse through our catalogues online or order print versions, our customer service is happy to help you. 

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Jegro is globally available through our webshops and distributors. Please select on the next page, if you would like to buy Jegro or if you want to become a distributor. 


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