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Curriculum support material for primary schools
Jegro offers curriculum support material for primary schools. Jegro's educational products give insight into challenging and abstract subjects for children in the age of 6-12 years. It supports the transition from informal acting to formal acting. The Jegro manipulatives can help a child at any developmental level to move cognitively through concrete, pictorial, and abstract representations.

Jegro means:

  • Active learning

    active learning

    Jegro engages pupils in learning by providing challenging hands-on materials that make formal concepts accessible.

  • Additional material

    additional material

    Jegro provides products that are specifically designed to support primary school curriculums: concrete, hands-on material that is fully in line with the explicit abstract concepts that appear in the math books.

  • For teacher and student

    for teacher and student

    Jegro designs similar tools for both teachers and pupils. While the teacher is explaining a concept in front of the classroom by using the teacher version, the pupils practise their skills by using the individual student version.

  • Practice


    Jegro materials help pupils ratiocinate their math skills in a varied and pleasant way that leads to real understanding.

Stages in learning mathematics

Stages in learning mathematics

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