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Jegro, a Heutink brand.

For over a century, Heutink has brought craftsmanship and quality to educational materials. Reinier Willem Heutink founded the Netherlands-based family business in 1911. Today, Jessica Heutink (the third generation of the Heutink family) and her husband Henk Fokke, manage the Heutink Group as a multi-national distribution and manufacturing business with a forward-thinking global vision.

Jegro is one of the brands developed and produced by Heutink International. Heutink International provides the very best global educational brands, which are geared towards learning through play. Together with our team of educational specialists, we design and develop innovative materials aimed at supporting play and development. These materials are based on internationally proven curricula and learning goals, meaning that our products are always high quality and geared towards the needs and wishes of our target audience. Heutink International believes in education and collaboration. After all, development isn’t something you do alone.

Brands of Heutink International

  • Nienhuis Montessori

    World's leading Montessori brand, which honors and continues the legacy of Maria Montessori and manufactures the widest and most innovative range of materials.

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  • Educo

    Educo provides play-based learning through active hands-on products that inspire growth and success in children aged 4-6 years.

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  • Jegro

    Jegro's educational products give insight into challenging and abstract subjects for children in the age of 6-12 years.

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  • Arts and Crafts

    Enable children to be creative, to use their imagination and to explore their artistic performance.

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Heutink International

Heutink International designs, develops, produces and distributes the very best global educational brands for pre-schools and elementary schools in the market. Our team of education specialists offers innovative materials aimed at supporting play and development.

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The Heutink Foundation

The Heutink Foundation is commited to helping children and young people in poor and disadvantaged or uncertain situations to actively participate in, for example, a dance performance, music or art exhibition. We do this by supporting exisiting, worldwide projects, financially or with materials, which are in line with our vision and objectives.

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