• New concepts Encourage children to actively learn mathematics.
  • Active learning Our educational materials require active and physical participation
  • Created by professionals We design our materials with the child and curriculum in mind
  • Hands on learning Our materials seamlessly complement the methods used in school

A very good fit in modern education

I am Henk Ligterink, 56 years old and I have been teaching for over 30 years.

After a few years as a substitute teacher working in special education, I am now a teacher at the Juliana School in Rijssen for many years. The age of teaching in a traditional way in the classroom is already behind us and has been for many years. Education now requires that we focus heavily on the child as an individual. Apart from the school books, there are also extra materials used as a helping aid in order to lead the children in a proper way through the learning process. The materials from Jegro are a very good fit in modern education. They help to give the children a better understanding of arithmetic – and language issues and offer a deeper and broader insight.

Henk Ligterink

Juliana School in Rijssen

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