• New concepts Encourage children to actively learn mathematics.
  • Active learning Our educational materials require active and physical participation
  • Created by professionals We design our materials with the child and curriculum in mind
  • Hands on learning Our materials seamlessly complement the methods used in school

People behind the brand

My name is Joanne, I am 32 years old, and happily married with Rene. We have a toddler daughter Claudia and a ginger cat Mojo. I studied International Business and Languages and International Business and Management (Master’s Degree). After these studies I started as a Management Trainee and worked as an Account Manager. I missed the international aspects of my work, however, and therefore applied for the job as an International Account Manager at NNSL/Jegro. I have been working here for over three years now. In addition to managing accounts I do other great things here as well, such as contributing to product development and working on the website, brochures, catalogues, and safety regulations. My focus for the coming years will be custom solutions. I love being part of the process of producing new products for our customers, which often starts with just an idea. I enjoy managing projects and being responsible. I never settle for anything less than the perfect result.

Joanne Stegenga

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