• New concepts Encourage children to actively learn mathematics.
  • Active learning Our educational materials require active and physical participation
  • Created by professionals We design our materials with the child and curriculum in mind
  • Hands on learning Our materials seamlessly complement the methods used in school

Custom solutions

Have you developed an educational product and are you looking for possibilities to develop it? We can launch a Jegro/Educo product together. With your idea, our expertise and a factory located in the North of the Netherlands we can make it work! This factory is specialised in additional learning materials. We produce wooden products, stamps, digital- and silk-screen printing.

We can also produce your product without selling it ourselves. Due to our educational knowledge, short communication lines, and a small minimum order quantity, we are capable of being a valuable production partner. This allows you to successfully introduce your product to the world. It is furthermore possible to customise our catalogue products, for instance by adding your own logo to a product.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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