Fraction sticks

Fraction sticks
Article number: 1508000
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Visualise fractions. Focus on a part of a fraction by folding it. This helps to give a clear picture of the part-whole relationship. The colours of the sticks show the relationship between the fraction families. Take for example the yellow/white breaking sticks with fifths and tenths.

wooden box (also as holder) with separate lid (52 x 15 x 4 cm)
13 plastic sticks (length 48 cm, 1.5 cm Ø)
- 4 unbroken sticks: white, blue, red and yellow
- 4 blue/white sticks: thirds, sixths, ninths and twelfths
- 3 red/white sticks: halves, fourths and eighths
- 2 yellow/white sticks: fifths and tenths

Brand Jegro
Minimum age 8 years