Base 10 assortment

Base 10 assortment
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Different kinds of blank wooden base 10 material. Use the units, longs, flats and cube to materialise the decimal numerical structure. For example the number 132. This number consists of 1 hundred, 3 tens and 2 ones. Support this fact by placing 1 flat, 3 longs and 2 units. Clarify, by using the blocks, the principle of conversion of hundreds and tens: 1 flat is equal to 10 longs and 1 long is equal to 10 units. Contents: wooden box (32 x 21.5 x 3.5 cm) 100 blank wooden units of 1 cm3 20 blank wooden longs of 10 cm3 2 blank wooden flats of 100 cm3

Brand Educo
Minimum age 6 years